We at Orma marble palace in India and Saudi Arabia use the most sophisticated expertise in polishing and cutting of marbles.

The most modern machinery is being used at Orma marbles sustaining its novelty. The marbles of Rajasthan have been used to make theTaj Mahal. We at Orma help you to make the Taj of your dreams come true!

We have a high-tech factory equipped with the latest machinery for the processing of marble from its quarries. We employ
a capable organizational system and share an incredible affluence of technological expertise. Our immense familiarity
in this field results in the production of outstanding products.

The technology used in the cutting and polishing of marble is basically the same as that used for cutting most other stones, except granite. The latter has a density of nine tonnes per cubic metre compared to 2.7 tonnes per cubic metre for marble.

Marbles, Granites, Tiles, Stone, Flooring materials, Sanitaries in India and Saudi Arabia
The stone-cutting process consists of fixing the raw stone on a trolley set on four steel columns. A 'gang saw' unit comprising multiple blades, anchored to the columns,
cuts the stone into slabs of prescribed thickness. A 60-blade gang saw produces an average of 59 slabs while the two end pieces are wasted. The shape and size of
the slabs vary according to the shape of the original stone.

Though less expensive, the locally manufactured cutting machines have only 40-45 blades which not only fail to perform a precision cutting job resulting in inconsistent thickness, particularly of marble tiles which fail to measure up to international standard, but also have lesser productivity.