India is a treasure house of variety of stones.It virtually has inexhaustible resources of marble, granite, sandstone, slates, flaggy limestone, quartzite etc. spread over the whole of India.

India is one of the main producers of stones, especially granite and marble in the world with a share of about 27% of the world production. The major Indian stone products are marble, granite, flaggy limestone (known locally as Kotah Stone), slate and Quartzite. India ranks third in stone exports after China and Italy.

Rajasthan is the main stay of the Indian stone industry and is a cradle of mineral wealth. It has over 90% of the country's marble, sandstone & flaggy limestone deposits along with a major share of Granite & Slate deposits. Stone deposits are distributed all over the state of Rajasthan. Marble industry in Rajasthan is very completely urbanized with mechanized quarries, tiling plants, gang saws etc.

Orma Marble Palace is South-Asia's largest marble stockyard. It provides an eclectic range of marbles and granites. Imported directly from the quarries of Rajasthan, Orma Marble Palace is the foremost preference of leading architects and interior designers.

One of the reasons behind Orma's accomplishment is our velocity in the delivery of goods. Unlike other dealers in marble and granite, we have outlets at four different places in Kerala, which helps in the effortless conveyance of goods.

The second reason for our success is the convincingly low cost of our products. We trade in original Rajasthani marble without much variation in the price in the Rajasthani market. These prices will definitely leave the customers awestruck, in view of the quality of the reserve. The third reason behind our triumph is the first-rate stock we offer at our showrooms. The variety in shades and colours and also the durability, which we guarantee, is a main factor. Our staff, with their exceptionally hospitable conduct and perseverance, is also a major reason for our achievement.

The ultimate reason and the one, which we deem with gratification, are the encouragement and the assurance, which our customers bestow on us. Without these, our endeavor would have been a fiasco!

We have quarries in Rajasthan and its nearby places. We give the supreme to our customers and this is the motivation why we depend on Rajasthan quarries for marbles and granites. Orma marble palace has a wide-ranging stock of marbles